Comment 6 for bug 232545

Since I am still interested in this feature, I helped myself with the Launchpad API. It's basically the following (Example: "totem"):

LP = Launchpad.login_anonymously(...)
UBUNTU = LP.distributions["ubuntu"]

package = UBUNTU.getSourcePackage(name="totem")
project = package.upstream_product

package_col = package.searchTasks()
project_col = project.searchTasks(status=["Fix Released", "Invalid"])

# I am using the split-construct for performance, because that's the only way
# to get the bug number, without requesting a new object (
package_bugnos = set([str(t).split("/")[-1] for t in package_col])
project_bugnos = set([str(t).split("/")[-1] for t in project_col])

# Now I just have to look at the intersection which is basically a
# product/source-package matching for the bugs that are fixed upstream
matches = package_bugnos.intersection(project_bugnos)

That's just an idea I had. I would appreciate feedback. Thanks.