Comment 3 for bug 231862

Celso Providelo (cprov) wrote :

The referred blueprint is obsolete for a long time, it's just grouping a bunch of mildly related bugs.

The immediate need we have, and are failing to delivery, is the ability to:

 1. Combine status, for instance (needsbuild, building) and (failedtobuid, chrootfail) without losing the ability to filter on each status individually. We could go to a discrete status selection like Answers filter but it would affect the possible order of the results.

 2. Regarding time filtering, I think the initial implementation can be less complex that what was originally suggested. We could start will border-filters, 'created_since_date' and 'built_until_date', which would suffice for slicing build records and Matthias want.

+1 for optional exact match on source names.

These changes are suitable and relevant for all callsites of the build lookup infrastructure and also the webservice. The only details that is not solved yet is how users will specific a collection of BuildStatus for filtering when calling getBuildRecords().

This is already a problem in other named-operation that support multiple arguments natively, but are restricted to single values in the webservice (IArchive.getPublishedSource, for instance).

Anyway, I think have almost everything we need to starting coding something in this area.