Comment 6 for bug 204980

Graham Binns wrote:
> Can you give any specific examples of upstreams that are affected by
> this?

Sure. Many upstreams subscribe to bug mail of Ubuntu packages. That's quite good
(I guess I don't need to explain why).

Now, let's say upstream for package X is subscribed to bugs in X. A bug is
reported, affecting 50 packages, one of them being X. Then every subscriber to
that bug (including our upstream) starts to be flooded by mail from that report,
he wishes to unsubscribe from that report but he can't, and then he as to
consider whether to unsubscribe from bug mail completely, or to support the
flooding until it stops.

For example a Real Live example, just before I commented on this report:

21:57 < Atomo64> c'mon... at times I wish I had not subscribed to my packages
in launchpad, especially when I get notified about things like
21:58 < p2-mate> Atomo64: unsubscribe ?
22:03 < Atomo64> p2-mate: the thing is that there are some reportts that are
actually valuable, and I don't want to miss them