Comment 0 for bug 137326

Morten Kjeldgaard (mok0) wrote :

It is very difficult to find out where to ask questions in LP. On the main page, there is a prominent Answers icon. There should be an icon for Questions too.

I finally managed to navigate to the place where you can _ask_ a question, and it was a twisted route...

1) From the main page click on the answer icon (OK, I want to ask a question, but that is sort of the same logic as going to the Start menu of Windows when you want to shut down).

2) I come to the Questions and Answers page. There are lots of pointers to retrieving answers. Nothing about asking questions.

3) The "Take a Tour" button takes me on a tour. No clues on how to ask questions. Dead end.

4) On the "Questions and Answers page, I find the following text: "Encourage new users to ask questions rather than file bugs! Learn moreā€¦"

5) Ah! Yes, of course! I click on the "Learn more...". It takes me on another tour. No success. Dead end.

6) The rest is the result of stubbornly trying every possibility on the "Questions and Answers" page.

7a) I click the top one of the "Latest Questions Asked". Not obvious if you are looking to ask a question, but then, I am stubborn.

8a) AHA! If I scroll to the very bottom of that page ("networkmanager does not get IP after suspend") at the VERY BOTTOM I find a link: "Got a question of your own? For best results, ask your own question separately."


Experimenting, I followed another branch:

7b) Back on the "Questions and Answers" page, I scrolled to the bottom of the page and click "Help improve Launchpad". Guess I clicked on that one because I became so annoyed at not being able to find where to ask questions that I wanted to bitch about it ;-)

8b) Now I am on the "Help improve Launchpad" page. Next, I click on the "Answer Tracker" link"

9b) On the very right on that page -- called "Bugs in Launchpad Answers" -- there is a beautiful blue "Ask a Question" button, right next to the red "Report a Bug" button. SUCCESS!

I'd like to suggest that:

1) the "Ask a Question" button be placed next to the "Report a Bug" button everywhere on the site.
2) A prominent "Questions" icon be placed on the main Launchpad page.

Especially since the spec says: "Encourage new users to ask questions rather than file bugs!"

Sorry for the slightly sarcastic tone of this bug report, but... you can handle it! ;-)