Comment 39 for bug 125103

alsuren (alsuren) wrote :

We seem to agree on all points :D

5. <group|user>-ppa-keyring and <group|user>-ppa-repository and maybe also <group|user>-ppa-bootstrap this would reduce it to:

sudo dpkg -i phobie-ppa-bootstrap_1.deb
rm phobie-ppa-*_all.deb
# now use your favorite packaging tool to install tvbrowser
# i.e.
apt-get update
apt-get install tvbrowser

or simply:
click this link (phobie-ppa-bootstrap_1.deb, should be served over https, as discussed in my previous post); let gdebi handle installation.
apt-get update; apt-get install tvbrowser

if it were possible to get gconf to request a repository refresh :P