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George Kraft (cynerva) wrote : Re: [RFE] Kubernetes-Master charm to provide action and/or configs to expose production-grade k8s dashboard

We won't be fixing this in kubernetes-master, but as of 1.20, we now provide the option to deploy Kubernetes Dashboard via Juju k8s charms. The docs for this aren't live yet, but they will be here soon:

With the kubernetes-dashboard charm, it should be possible to `juju expose` the application and get a NodePort or LoadBalancer service that is accessible from outside the cluster. However, in my testing, after running `juju expose`, both the k8s-dashboard and kubernetes-dashboard services remained cluster-only (type=ClusterIP). I think there is still work to be done here.

With all that in mind, I'm marking this as Won't Fix for kubernetes-master, but adding this to the new kubernetes-dashboard charm as something to investigate.