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Mansour Behabadi (oxplot) wrote :

A bullet proof and headache free way right now is to:

- create a module with a single through-hole pad (you do this once and use it forever)
- in pcbnew, add this module (no need to add it to schematics)
- edit the pad of this module and set its netname to your the name of your ground plane (e.g. GND)
- make as many copies as you need


- you don't have to do any maintenance—no touching your schematics, no reconnecting to ground plane after re-filling zones, etc
- you can change the size of or any other properties (thermal relief, drill size, etc) of all the pads at once if needed (just right click any of them and select "Global Pads Edition" under Pads menu)


- no shortcut to add a netname configured pad—you need to copy one of the existing ones