Comment 4 for bug 1464893

On 6/13/2015 5:53 PM, Chris Pavlina wrote:
> Yeah, that's always been a problem. :(
> Perhaps we should make an attempt to get things universally compatible
> with the paths returned by wxStandardPaths?

We've tried wxStandardPaths but it doesn't seem to work correctly on osx
bundles. Maybe the plugin path(s) wont be as problematic as the other
paths but I wouldn't count on it. You can run standard paths from the
Python console so maybe you can get one of the OSX devs to run the
Pcbnew python console and confirm the results of the various
wxStandardPath functions.

> It looks to me like the plugins should be at (GetPluginsDir() +
> "/plugins") right now, but I can't immediately verify that on all
> platforms.
> ** Changed in: kicad
> Status: Invalid => New