Comment 2 for bug 1519210

Steve Martinelli (stevemar) wrote :

Hey Fernando,

The implementation can be done in a variety of ways and we can optimize as we review. I think the harder part here is setting up a way for user's to pick and choose which events they want to listen to.

Listing them out as booleans:

listen_group_create = True
listen_group_delete = True
listen_group_update = True
listen_authenticate_success = True

Have users add "event_type" strings in a multi-string option, the event types are well defined in the format: "event_type": "identity.<resource_type>.<operation>"

opt-in = "identity.user.created"

or maybe the flip, out-opt

opt-out = "authenticate.success"

These are just my ideas, propose a patch and let's see what ideas are kicked around!