Comment 19 for bug 1179955

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 74f788aa9da0dabf54bd1f4718f9c0e0b9726757
Author: Chmouel Boudjnah <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Aug 2 10:12:03 2013 +0200

    Revoke user tokens when disabling/delete a project

    - Revoke tokens scoped to all users from a project when disabling or
      deleting the project.
    - Tests provided by Dolph.

    Closes-Bug: #1179955
    Change-Id: I8ab4713d513b26ced6c37ed026cec9e2df78a5e9
    Signed-off-by: Chmouel Boudjnah <email address hidden>