Comment 39 for bug 39856

Thanks for the good work and for the response, Martin--I thought my last
message to you was lost. I was attempting to test and respond to
launchpad--I'll be glad to help test and so on if I can just negotiate
the initial hurdles. Yes, I'm running 8.04--

By the way, I had found a workaround at from Vincentvee:

"yeah i got the same problem, i fixed it, hit alt+f2 type gconf-editor
got to apps on the left menu, then go to panel>toplevels>panel_0 you
should have a value on the right called y_bottom which is set at -1 by
default, what you should do is increse that value to a positive value, i
used 10, that made my panel stick to the bottom when un-expanded.
good luck with it..."

Sorry I didn't share this earlier and

Thanks Again,


Martin Pitt wrote:
> M. Nease, with that command you just tested whether apport is working.
> If your intention was to enable apport, this was ok, but it is not for
> testing the new gnome-panel in this bug. Also, I take it you run 8.04,
> not 9.04 (which isn't even planned yet :) ).