Comment 68 for bug 1599654

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: R3.0

commit e1f2af6433bfae9b098cc6cdbccda5e635e05c2b
Author: Megh Bhatt <email address hidden>
Date: Sat Jun 11 01:11:32 2016 -0700

1. Add provisioning of cloud_admin_access_only

Enable cloud_admin_access_only by default. Add a parameter --no_multi_tenancy
to setup-vnc-collector to disable cloud_admin_access_only. Remove templates
for ini files for contrail-analytics-api, contrail-collector, and
contrail-query-engine and for conf file of contrail-analytics-api

Partial-Bug: #1461175
(cherry picked from commit ec3c1741b5a2f7b49bc18a6b85421e0584c2494e)


2. Rename multi_tenancy to aaa_mode for analytics API

Partial-Bug: #1599654
(cherry picked from commit 97c3c396de54d118dc63a278ae9ecc0cad3a2c5d)


3. Fix provisioning failure in setup-vnc-collector

Configure memcache servers in /etc/contrail/contrail-keystone-auth.conf
only from config node setup

Closes-Bug: #1606654
(cherry picked from commit 98de6812efad7c44e342dfa5d4105c82107826a4)


4. Rename multi_tenancy to aaa_mode in upgrade path for analytics node

Closes-Bug: #1607469
(cherry picked from commit b8f4c6906a6f643873436d31f630c155f4d1d07e)

5. Changes to bring analytics authenticated access in sync with config

1. Rename aaa_mode value cloud-admin-only to cloud-admin
2. CLOUD_ADMIN_ROLE defaults to admin instead of cloud-admin

Partial-Bug: #1607563
(cherry picked from commit 3e8d8412dc8f9e52f12261a173bff34202366f8b)


Change-Id: I56dd3e14a7a2ad8d676decf3dbbb2170170a957b