Comment 2 for bug 1892029

Pete Vander Giessen (petevg) wrote :

I was able to reproduce this issue on MAAS.

To do so:

1) Grab a model on a cloud w/ centos7 images (I used our MAAS).
2) Deploy a simple CentOS charm:

juju deploy cs:~erik-lonroth/tiny-bash-centos-0

3) Wait for a deploy, then open a debug-hooks session:

juju debug-hooks tiny-bash/0 update-status

4) Once the update-status hook fires (this may take a few minutes), dropping you into the hook context, run juju-reboot.


5) After you exit out of the debugging session, the unit will reboot. You'll see the machine come back up, but the agent will be in a "lost" state. This is due to this error:

2020-08-20 20:12:51 ERROR juju.worker.proxyupdater proxyupdater.go:300 error writing apt proxy config file: open /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/95-juju-proxy-settings: no such file or directory

/etc/apt doesn't exist in CentOS, of course. Hence the failure.

I think that this isn't necessarily an issue w/ the juju-reboot command. But it is an issue with code the unit agent is running on reboot on a CentOS box.