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So the controller polls periodically to find out whether there is an update
available. It is always possible that from the time we last saw there was
an upgrade until the time you issue "juju upgrade-controller" that there is
a new upgrade available. We reported what version we found when you issued
the upgrade. Is it that you would prefer a validation step "do you want to
upgrade to X.Y" if you didn't otherwise specify a version?
I don't think it makes sense to tie the upgrade to what might have been
seen on "juju status", and juju internally could just as easily have seen a
new version in its next "is there an update check" from the time you did
"juju status" until you did "juju upgrade-*".
Given that automatically selecting the newest version of Juju has been CLI
behavior, we'd probably have to add a flag "juju upgrade-controller
-verify-version" (or something shorter, but nothing immediately jumps out
at me.)

On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 11:25 PM Drew Freiberger <email address hidden>

> Public bug reported:
> It is very misleading to run "juju status -m controller" and see:
> Model Controller Cloud/Region Version SLA
> Timestamp Notes
> controller ddmi-ok-nonprod foundations-maas 2.5.2 unsupported
> 19:13:08Z upgrade available: 2.5.7
> and then to run:
> juju upgrade-model -m controller
> and have it pull down 2.6.3:
> best version:
> 2.6.3
> started upgrade to 2.6.3
> This upgrade available 2.5.7 note lulled me into thinking my client was
> 2.5.7 and that I could upgrade it to that level with a simple upgrade-model
> command without having to specify the agent version.
> Obviously, I know this is a user error, however, the misleading juju
> status report could lead to disasterous results of upgrading past your
> approved and vetted juju series, for instance, if you were trying to
> track juju 2.5.x only.
> ** Affects: juju
> Importance: Undecided
> Status: New
> ** Tags: canonical-bootstack
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> juju status does not report the actual upgrade available for model
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