Comment 14 for bug 1771885

David Ames (thedac) wrote :

Discussion with roaksoax about this and it seems likely this is a cloud-int / netplan problem. I have added cloud-init and maas just to be thorough.

When bionic is deployed using MAAS 2.3.0 using a static network config the DNS search domain is missing from the netplan configuration and or systemd-resolve.

I am attaching three sets of data. bionic-maas, bionic-dhcp and xenial-maas to show the differences.

Cloud init reports in cloud-init.log it has the information. See search bellow:

config= {
    [{'id': 'eno1', 'mac_address': 'd4:be:d9:a8:44:ff', 'mtu': 1500, 'name': 'eno1', 'subnets': [{'address': '', 'dns_nameservers': [''], 'gateway': '', 'type': 'static'}], 'type': 'physical'},
     {'id': 'eno2', 'mac_address': 'd4:be:d9:a8:45:01', 'mtu': 1500, 'name': 'eno2', 'subnets': [{'type': 'manual'}], 'type': 'physical'},
     {'id': 'eno3', 'mac_address': 'd4:be:d9:a8:45:03', 'mtu': 1500, 'name': 'eno3', 'subnets': [{'type': 'manual'}], 'type': 'physical'},
     {'id': 'eno4', 'mac_address': 'd4:be:d9:a8:45:05', 'mtu': 1500, 'name': 'eno4', 'subnets': [{'type': 'manual'}], 'type': 'physical'},
     {'address': [''], 'search': ['maas'], 'type': 'nameserver'}],
'version': 1}

But the /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml configuration is missing this information leading to resolution failures.

By contrast the xenial (/etc/network/interfaces.d/50-cloud-init.conf has the correct information when the logging shows the same input from MAAS.

See also the bionci DHCP example which gets the search domain information from DCHP.