Comment 12 for bug 1465317

AFIAC this bug is fixed, although fixing it may have moved the problem elsewhere.

juju/juju/version no longer needs to know the series or the architecture of the host, only the version number.

With that said, os parsing was moved to juju/utils/os. On linux, that now returned os.Unknown if the operating system is not known, ie some linux variant we haven't encountered before. OSX and Windows just return their respective constants.

The last element is juju/utils/series, which currently panics if the series of the machine cannot be determined. The solution to that would be to add some kind of Unknown value to that package. This is probably reasonably safe to do as it would permit the client to "work", ie, not panic on startup, although anything that used the series from that client would fail. This would probably mean that the client couldn't bootstrap environments without passing flags to say "make this a linux/centos environment" from a OSX machine -- but that is probably necessary now.