Comment 2 for bug 1488581

Other failures:
1) FAIL: tools_test.go:226: toolsSuite.TestFindAvailableToolsAutoUpload

[LOG] 0:00.023 INFO juju.environs.bootstrap looking for bootstrap tools: version=<nil>
    c.Assert(tools.Version.Series, gc.Not(gc.Equals), "trusty")
... obtained string = "trusty"
... expected string = "trusty"

For this one, I had to add back in the patch to version.Current.Arch as the func locallyBuildableTools uses version.Current to determine what can be build locally. So, what's happening in the above failure is that we're listing a trusty tool for ppc which of course also has the "trusty" series.

2) bootstrap_test.go:355:
    c.Assert(err, jc.ErrorIsNil)
... value *errors.errorString = &errors.errorString{s:"no matching tools available"} ("no matching tools available")

FAIL: bootstrap_test.go:327: bootstrapSuite.TestBootstrapSpecificVersion

Added the patch of s.PatchValue(&arch.HostArch, func() string { return arch.AMD64 }). I left the patch of version.Current.Arch, as we've seen some cases where it's still needed. I don't have a ppc env to run tests on to verify, so I erred on the side of caution.