Comment 0 for bug 660669

Alex Chiang (achiang) wrote :

Recent user testing with a non-expert computer user revealed that the warning dialog displayed by jockey when attempting to enable a proprietary driver is extremely threatening for users not versed in legal or open source political issues.

This page:

talks about educating users, but I believe the intention is misguided and hurts Ubuntu as we attempt to grow our userbase on the other side of the "chasm".

My opinion is, users on the other side of the chasm don't want to be "educated" by their OS. A less charitable view is that the user is being scolded for their purchasing decision.

Savvy folks, people on our side of the chasm, already know that component selection is important when purchasing a machine. For
the folks on the other side of the chasm, the point is moot. The hardware has already been purchased, and if they hit this dialog, it's probably not a machine that came from one of our OEM partners. It's likely a retrofit, and "yelling" at them after the fact is just another pain point; I don't really consider it educational.

Please consider reducing the severity of the language or removing the text altogether (modulo any legal issues that require us to display some sort of text).