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Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 644a1c36b444fadbdda6ae9f0174ed6da385111a
Author: Faizan Barmawer <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Feb 16 05:42:08 2015 -0800

    Add support for partition images in agent drivers

    This patch enables the partition image support for
    agent drivers which support `boot` iterface.

    Partial-Bug: 1526289

    Co-Authored-By: Nisha Agarwal <email address hidden>

    Depends-on: I22bc29a39bf5c35f3eecb6d4e51cebd6aee0ce1
    Depends-on: I37908470484744bb720f741d378106d1cb1227a3
    Change-Id: Ifc8ba098f13b6fde712a584798fceb0321137bc9