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Fernando Perez (fdo.perez) wrote : Re: [Bug 434669] Re: '?' and '??' fail under Sun OS

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 10:18 PM, psismurf <email address hidden> wrote:
> Running the above code in a normal python session (Python 2.6.2
> (r262:71600, May 27 2009, 13:06:14) [C] on sunos5) reproduces the
> problem.

OK, thanks. You may want to report this as a python bug then, since
there's nothing ipython can do about it.

> 'posix'
>>>> sys.platform
> 'sunos5'

Thanks. With this info, we can avoid this codepath on solaris.

I'll put together a fix for this problem, thanks for the report.