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Fernando Perez (fdo.perez) wrote : Re: [Bug 434669] [NEW] '?' and '??' fail under Sun OS


On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 7:25 AM, psismurf <email address hidden> wrote:
> Public bug reported:
> Any attempt to get object information using the '?' or '??' operators
> causes the session to lock up and become unresponsive to any keystrokes
> (including Ctrl-C and -Z). The help(obj) command however works as
> advertised. This occurs under both sparc and x86 installations running
> the same python builds and ipython versions.

I have a strong suspicion this is due to a bug in solaris curses.
Could you run this in a normal python session and see if it locks up

import termios, curses, sys

if 1:
            term_flags = termios.tcgetattr(sys.stdout)
            scr = curses.initscr()
            screen_lines_real,screen_cols = scr.getmaxyx()
            # Restore terminal state in case endwin() didn't.

If so, can you let us know what and sys.platform return on
your machine? We may have to avoid that code altogether in solaris...