Comment 13 for bug 103210

mb (maxbloemer) wrote :

> Seems better. But what exactly does set_mode 4 do? Open the gates? ;-)

 Can be used to configure which IEEE 802.11 mode the driver will

 % iwpriv eth1 set_mode {mode}
 Where {mode} is a number in the range 1-7:
 1 802.11a (ABG only)
 2 802.11b
 3 802.11ab (ABG only)
 4 802.11g
 5 802.11ag (ABG only)
 6 802.11bg
 7 802.11abg (ABG only)

look at:

so set_mode 4 configures your 3945 wifi card to 802.11g Mode.

I have those speed-problems with a 802.11b-Only router. so i tried "set_mode 2". with no change in speed.