Comment 6 for bug 1011415

Most of usb port auto power off patchset has been merged into v3.9:

3b2ab2b Lan Tianyu Revert "usb: Register usb port's acpi power resources"
192fef1 Lan Tianyu usb: enable usb port device's async suspend.
f6cced1 Lan Tianyu usb: expose usb port's pm qos flags to user space
ad493e5 Lan Tianyu usb: add usb port auto power off mechanism
971fcd4 Lan Tianyu usb: add runtime pm support for usb port device
6802771 Lan Tianyu PM/Qos: Expose dev_pm_qos_flags symbol
88bb965 Lan Tianyu usb: Register usb port's acpi power resources
54a3ac0 Lan Tianyu usb: Using correct way to clear usb3.0 device's remote wakeup feature.
d2123fd Lan Tianyu USB: Set usb port's DeviceRemovable according acpi information
fde2638 Lan Tianyu usb: Create link files between child device and usb port device.
cef7468 Lan Tianyu usb: Add "portX/connect_type" attribute to expose usb port's connect type
9f7344f Lan Tianyu usb: fix compilation error and warning of driver/usb/core/port.c on arm and blackfin
6e30d7c Lan Tianyu usb: Add driver/usb/core/(port.c,hub.h) files

The patches of USB3.0 root hub port bind with ACPI is on the way to upstream: