Comment 6 for bug 997105

Ah I see, I didn't know about that. Guess I should take more time to read
the information displayed in the statusbar. Problem solved, thanks for
your help!


>> So there _is_ a handle, but it is invisible -- and therefore it is
>> not possible to move. Wouldn't you call this a problem?
> I don't see there a problem - In the node tool, you can easily extract
> (and retract) handles:
>>From the Inkscape keyboard and mouse reference:
> Move node handle (mouse):
> - (…)
> - Ctrl+click retract the handle
> Retracted handle is zero length; use Shift+drag to drag it back out.
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> Title:
> No handle at first (and sometimes last) nodes of a Bézier curve
> Status in Inkscape: A Vector Drawing Tool:
> New
> Bug description:
> When I create a new Bézier curve (consisting of a single curved
> segment) in Inkscape ( r9886), the first node doesn't have a
> handle. Procedure:
> - For the first node, click on the canvas (and release the mousebutton
> without dragging first)
> - Then click somewhere else on the canvas, drag your mouse such that a
> nice curved curve appears, and release the mousebutton
> - Press <Enter> to end the curve
> When using the Node Tool (F2) to check the nodes, you can see that the
> first node doesn't have a handle (or is it so small such that you
> cannot see it?)
> I know that I _can_ create a handle by clicking and dragging for the
> first node, but I also expect a handle when following the above
> procedure.
> Operating System: Arch Linux, 32 bits, 3.3.4-2-ARCH Kernel.
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