Comment 6 for bug 847374

su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

I would like to propose to raise the importance of this one:
1) It can result in _data loss_ (that's how I learned that the expected behavior had changed in trunk: while creating a small tutorial with pasted screenshots of individual dialogs, I failed to notice that the screenshots pasted from the clipboard did no longer get embedded as expected. Next time I wanted to continue working on the file, the linked PNGs in $TMP were gone).
2) IMHO the workflows in general are too different to share the same setting: if an image file exists on disk, it is save to link to it by default (you are prompted each time when importing, anyway). Images pasted from the clipboard are transient by nature and need to be embedded or - when linked - explicitly stored on disk as new file (in the same directory as the current SVG document or in $HOME for unsaved documents). Even more so as pasting from clipboard does _not_ offer the choice to embed or link, nor can the setting be changed without explicitly importing an existing bitmap image from disk (type: PNG).