Comment 20 for bug 819209

su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

> First, I installed the file from above successfully.
> Second, I edited the "inkscape" file in the way described here
> ( ).

it's either / or - don't use both (the installer for the Egg-Bot extensions mentioned in comment #4 is an external project, and not required for the recommended workaround in comment #17). If you follow the instructions from <> exactly, with an otherwise unmodified version of the original Inkscape package, the python-based extensions bundled with Inkscape do work (e.g. 'Extensions > Render > Gear…' as one example for easy testing).

> (…) wanted to export from Inkscape to tikz (…)

If you need help with getting an external extension installed and running (once Inkscape's own extensions work ok), please ask a new question in <> (the bug tracker is not a support forum). Don't forget to provide information and links about that custom external extension (Inkscape itself does not include an extension to export to tikz).