Comment 17 for bug 802904

su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

I would have hoped that Inkscape at some point could switch to the native file chooser dialog as offered by GTK3 itself now:

Unfortunately, the docs currently state these limitations:

Win32 details

On windows the IFileDialog implementation (added in Windows Vista) is used. It supports many of the features that GtkFileChooserDialog does, but there are some things it does not handle:

    Extra widgets added with gtk_file_chooser_set_extra_widget().

    Use of custom previews by connecting to “update-preview”.

    Any GtkFileFilter added using a mimetype or custom filter.

If any of these features are used the regular GtkFileChooserDialog will be used in place of the native one.

which probably make this native implementation unsuited for Inkscape's current use cases of file chooser dialogs (which require custom preview and custom filters (?)).

@Eduard - did you by chance investigate this as an option? AFAICT the native file chooser dialogs are e.g. used in gtk3-demo > Pickers (for File, Folder), and also in the gtk3-widget-factory demo (file picker on the first tab).