Comment 36 for bug 658055

On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 12:02 PM, Jon A. Cruz <email address hidden> wrote:
> What Inkscape does is install it's own icons as fallback versions for
> what it has, then later on asks GTK via its standard loading mechanism
> to load the given icon by string name. From that point it's up to GTK
> and the themes involved to resolve things and return the proper one.
> Sounds like it could be a change in GTK or elsewhere, since the Inkscape
> code has not changed.

It seems like the correct behavior would be to display the dialog
without an icon if one is not available. Why does Inkscape crash as
the result of a simple, single missing 16x16 icon? (This is not just
the dialog that's crashing).

This is happening on a default Kubuntu 10.10 setup. I love Inkscape
and think its a great piece of software. I should be able to run it on
a straight kde setup, though regardless of the theme.