Comment 36 for bug 334800

In answer to #1, here is the order of events:

1) I open the Input dialog box. It looks like this, before I change

2) Then, I change the device, by selecting the one option available from
the drop-down list. When I release the mouse button, the screen changes to

I changed Disabled to Screen, clicked Save, quit Inkscape, and am uploading
the preferences.xml file. It created a new group node; most characters are
the same, but some do appear to be random or different.

Additional data:

When attempting to use the drawing tablet (with, say, Calligraphy), the
status bar does actually change to: "*Drawing* a calligraphic stroke", even
though nothing is drawn.

On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 8:03 PM, Krzysztof Kosinski <email address hidden>wrote:

> It looks like the device name changes between Inkscape runs. I have some
> more questions:
> 1. What happens when you change the Mode (in the upper right corner of the
> Input Devices dialog) from Disabled to Screen and save the settings? Can you
> use the tablet?
> 2. Restart the computer, try to change the settings again, save, quit
> Inkscape and attach you preferences file again. (I need to know whether the
> name is random.)
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> Input device configuration not saved on Windows
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> Status in Inkscape: A Vector Drawing Tool: In Progress
> Bug description:
> My graphic tablet works properly with Inkscape 0.46, but it does not with
> 'Inkscape 0.46+devel r20711, built Feb 17 2009' I downloaded from '
> In the 'Input Devices' dialogue it appears like a long line of kanjis and
> cirillic symbols instead of the tablet name (Aiptek SlimTablet 6000U) and
> nothing can be configured.
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