Comment 3 for bug 334800

I helped a friend with Vista weirdness like this before. It seems that after
installing the wacom drivers, Vista's built in tablet pc support will cause
conflicts until you untoggle a few options in the Control Panel (I'm really
sorry that I don't recall the name of the shortcut in the CP).

On Apr 24, 2009 6:00 PM, "Courtney Miles" <email address hidden> wrote:

I can confirm the issue with my Wacom Intuous 3 on both Vista 64bit and
XP 32 bit. I can confirm that the tablet works in 0.46 for both Vista
and XP. I can confirm that on Vista the tablet also works on GIMP

I can confirm that tablets did work in builds dated around September

I can also confirm that the Windows XP default drivers for tablets work
with 0.46+devel (but I didn't test that pressure worked). It's only
after installing the Wacom drivers did interaction with the canvas stop

The tablet works to interact with any of the controls, it just doesn't
work to draw on the canvas.

I also know that one of the RC drivers Wacom released killed support in
all GTK applications.

I'm happy to help test however I can. I'm running XP in a virtual PC so
can get quite destructive.

-- [Win32]Graphic tablet not working with Inkscape 0.46+devel r20711