Comment 23 for bug 334800

Appears I'm having the same problem - Windows XP x86, Inkscape 0.47-3and Wacom Bamboo. The device works flawlessly in GIMP, not really works in Inkscape :) I'm getting similiar problems as described - menu items are clickable, canvas not. One thing I've tracked in my case is that the settings are somehow not saved. When I enter into Devices menu in Inkscape I see:

Device: WACOM Tablet Pressure Stylus Mode: Screen
X: 1
Y: 2
And the rest, including Pressure, is not configured (set to empty/nothing).

When I select the device again in the Device dropdown, Pressure is set to 3. I press Save and it works. Unfortunately settings revert to defaults (Pressure not set) after closing and launching Inkscape again. It may be as was mention in the thread, that there is some kind of error while saving/loading preferences.xml, that forces the program to use default values.

Maybe this will help in some way.