Comment 0 for bug 241390

sas (sas-sas) wrote :

SVN revision 18985, on Windows XP.

Steps to reproduce:

  1) Choose a file to use. The file is suitable, but I think any SVG file will do.
  2) Start Inkscape.
  3) Import the file (File -> Import).
  4) Click the "new document" button.
  6) Import the file into the new document.

Inkscape crashes, with the following error message on stderr:

** ERROR:(src/xml/simple-node.cpp:409):virtual void Inkscape::XML::SimpleNode::_bindDocument(Inkscape::XML::Document&): assertion failed: (!_document || _document == &document)

As far as I can tell, the problem is that, on the second import, the call
in src/file.cpp returns a layer in the wrong document (it returns the same layer as it did on the first import).

(By the way, I'm also getting the error message

** (inkscape.exe:1760): CRITICAL **: gdouble sp_document_height(SPDocument*): assertion `document->root != NULL' failed

But I wasn't getting that with yesterday's SVN, so it's probably some unrelated breakage.)