Comment 75 for bug 192923

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

    the file has been modified to replace all instances of the LINE entity with the LWPOLYLINE entity. This will be most noticeable when using the menu item Effects | Modify Path | Flatten Beziers. The LWPOLYLINE has the property that it does not break apart when edited, either in QCad or in ROBO-Master.
    This change will affect all line segments both in QCad and ROBO-Master, but it will not affect any splines in either program. Individual lines turn out the same regardless of whether they are called LINE or LWPOLYLINE.
    The polyline has been tested in ROBO-Master Pro Version 4.30, to confirm that the polyline is editable with no breakage and no crashes.
    - committed to svn 20394