Comment 58 for bug 192923

Johannes Schmitz (johschmitz) wrote :

Did some more reasearch on the topic. Found that Inkscaspe uses pstoedit to convert .svg to .ps and after that to .dxf. Is that correct?
Next thing I did was downloading pstoedit (ghostscript was also needed) to see what additional options it has when converting.
Look for pstoedit dxf options here:

First I tried the different options for spline and polylines.
There are 3 that worked:
-splineaspolyline together with -splineprecision number (I think this is what bob cook does)
-splineasmultispline (this seem to be your implementation)
-splineasbezier (this generates some other types of splines...)
What is missing in my opinion is a way to convert curves into autocad arches which i was able to convert to some kind of curved polylines
That is the way how some tools (for example are doing it.

Second I noticed when converting like this: "pstoedit -f "dxf:-option1 -option2" deineknovertiertegraphik.dxf"
I don't have the scaling problem any more. option1 should be -mm then autocad seems to recognize it pretty well.