Comment 55 for bug 192923

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

    sorry to hear that, the change that I made was to rescale the size of the first VPORT in the TABLES section. This rescaled the initial image in DWG Trueview, and it had no effect in Voloview, which was already scaled properly anyways. I have confirmed that the parameters $EXTMIN and $EXTMAX do not affect the initial image, although they may affect the scaling behaviour when you zoom to extents. In any event, I will keep it in mind if any new ideas come up. I occasionally have access to AutoCAD at work, but not on a regular basis.
    I am quite interested in the CNC behaviour. I know that in the old days, as in AutoCAD Release 12, CNC machines could not actually process a true spline, and in Release 12 the true spline does not exist, instead you get hundreds of connected multi-lines which is what the CNC machine required. So I am curious to see if the new CNC machines can directly process a spline curve.