Comment 42 for bug 192923

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

I am going to temporarily mark this as Fix Committed instead of Fix Released so that it is visible to other people, otherwise it is hidden from normal searches. If we come to a satisfactory resolution, I'll return it to "Fix Released" status.

- as to scaling, this is very embarrassing, but when I load the dxf into Voloview, the units show up as inches not mm., which I guess is why your drawing is so large. The numbers are numerically correct for a mm drawing, but the units are being misinterpreted. I will see if I can fix this. The viewers that I use don't really care about units, they just scale everything to fit the page or the screen, so this was never an issue, but in AutoCAD it may be a problem. I'll see if I can fix this.

- as to bob cook, I was not aware of his work, but it looks extremely interesting, and he should probably be encouraged to contribute directly to Inkscape. Thanks for finding this reference.

- as to my own personal plans, I am interested in development that preserves the precise mathematical shape of the paths or splines, so if there is a practical motivation for developing a multi-spline, I would be interested in pursuing that.