Comment 40 for bug 192923

Johannes Schmitz (johschmitz) wrote :

Thanks for the answer. At the moment i am trying to contact my cousin to ask him what format the Autocad file should have so that it can be used for CNC cutting.
For the scaling problem i will make some test this evening if i have time. The thing is, I have set the units to "mm" in the document properties of Inkscape but i don't understand exactly what you mean with 25.4/90 scaling.
I just saw when you sketch something in Inkscape without changing the properties and export to dxf, in the most cases it will be to huge to be opened in Autocad. I think then Autocad will only read/display the down-left corner of the dxf file. At least that is what it looks like.
By the way are there any options when selecting save as -> dxf? I did not see any options/properties menu or something like that...