Comment 39 for bug 192923

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

Hello Johannes,
    Thank you for the feedback, it is always good to hear from someone who actually uses AutoCAD.
    - with respect to the first comment about joining arcs, I will take a look at this after Christmas to see whether it is feasible to do this. I am assuming that what you mean is that a single svg path element should be rendered as a single dxf spline (or multi-spline) which does not break apart when you edit the internal nodes in it.
    - with respect to the scaling, when scaling the dxf output, it is assumed that the svg image has a resolution of 90 dpi, and that the desired dxf output is in mm. So all svg coordinates are multiplied by a factor of 25.4/90.0 when generating the dxf output.