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Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

attached is a response from Winplot to my question about the .dxf rendering procedure .......

Dear Alvin,

Winplot has limited import filters and is free.
So modifying is not a direct option, it could be the end of WinPlot
being free..

I think you want Winplot to work with Inkscape is that it?
If so , then I propose to do following:
Make sure all your objects are outlines, no fills (preferably hairline)
When using text immediately change it to paths in Inkscape itself,
before modifying it (scaling or rotating).
Make sure your design stays within the page size.
When exporting (or save as) use the option 'postscript via Cairo'.
Do not use 'add extension automatic'.
And give as filename xxxx.eps.

Summa does not support Inkscape officially.
The reason for that is that the program changes often (because of it
being open source).
But that is what I found out by playing around a bit with simple shapes
in Inkscape during my free time.
Let me know how it turned out.

Best regards,

Wim Vanraepenbusch

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From: Alvin Penner [mailto:<email address hidden>]
Sent: maandag 9 juni 2008 1:53
To: Tech Support
Subject: .dxf import into Winplot V6.80

    I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate message, I just sent
this message to the usa office as well.
    I am writing to report what appears to be a rendering problem when
using Winplot to import .dxf files that contain cubic Bezier splines.
What is happening is that the spline is being rendered as a combination
of a circular arc and a straight line, not a cubic Bezier spline.
    I am attaching three files. The source file is testwinplot.svg. It
consists of a single cubic Bezier spline, done as a thin solid black
In order to show exactly where the control points lie, I have also added
a multi-segmented polyline done as a thick green line.
 The second file is testwinplot.dxf. This is the dxf version of
the same file. When viewed in AutoDesk Voloview Express 2.01 it shows an
image that is identical to the .svg file, except there is no green
color, just two separate black objects. When viewed in Winplot 6.8, this
file shows the multi-segmented line properly, but the Bezier spline has
been rendered as a combination of a segment of a circular arc plus a
straight line, neither of which are true to the original spline shape.
      The third file is This file is displayed properly
when viewed in Winplot 6.8.
      So my question is, would it be possible to modify the .dxf
rendering routine to make it compatible with the .ai rendering routine?

Thank you for your consideration,
Alvin Penner