Comment 30 for bug 192923

I don't know if this belongs here or not so forgive me if it does not.

Even with the fixes as described above, I'm still have problems importing a .dxf file, exported by Inkscape, into Summa Inc. plotting software called WinPlot. It is used for plotting and vinyl cutting. My .dxf graphics lose their curvature continuity (spline discontinuities) and even some of the bezier curve verticies (I think their bezier curves, I could be wrong) get moved from their original place. I've also had problems importing .eps files ,also exported by Inkscape, into WinPlot. This is described more thoroughly in bug #168411. I found a way to get around the problem though that might be useful in the future if Inkscape is interested in exporting Adobe Illustrator files. what I've done is export the graphic from Inkscape to a normal postscript document. Then I use the freeware utility called pstoedit to convert it to a adobe Illustrator graphic (*.ai). It loads up just fine and dandy in WinPlot and I've had no problems with it. I don't know how the rules work, but someone might be able to put this procedure into a patch or incorporating it into Inkscape to actually output into Adobe Illustrator. It would be very useful to the sign making users of Inkscape. It would also make it so we wouldn't have to deal with the problems of .dxf. Granted, I'm not fully aware of the new problems and bugs that could arise from this. It probably creates a very basic graphic that you wouldn't be able to do much with in Adobe Illustrator itself. But that's why I use Inkscape: I create the graphic I want to cut, and then export it as an adobe illustrator file so my cutting software knows what to do with it. You don't need anything fancy.

sorry it was so long winded.