Comment 21 for bug 192923

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

Hello Aaron,
    Thanks for the feedback, I run the win32 nightly builds, so I will download one the earliest opportunity, which I think will be Wednesday.
    I made a rather embarrassing discovery yesterday, which almost makes me think I was just spinning my wheels for nothing, as they say. I installed a demo version of QCad which is time-limited and discovered to my shock and amazement that it can read everything perfectly, both the original desktop cutting plotter output and the new version, and they are completely indistinguishable. (Well, the color attributes may be different, but who cares about color in a line drawing?) So now I understand why nobody had a problem with this except for me. In my world everybody uses Voloview, but the Inkscape world probably uses QCad. In terms of level of difficulty of getting input requirements satisfied, the hierarchy is as follows:
    QCad < DWG Trueview < Voloview
Most people would not use Trueview because it is humongous, its only merit being that it has nice error messages.
   Anyways, I predict that no one will even detect that a change has been made, but I will respond back here as soon as I see the new version. Thanks for the help.