Comment 14 for bug 192923

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

Have been trying to decide how to decide whether to integrate everything or not. I think we can decide as follows: I believe that the spline we are using requires at a minimum AutoCAD Release 13 (code AC1012 in a dxf file). Release 13 also has a number of other new features which appear to be mandatory (in the ENTITIES section) :
1. use of unique handle for each entity (code group 5)
2. use of term AcDbEntity for each entity (code group 100)
3. use of term AcDbLine or AcDbSpline for each entity (code group 100)

All these elements exist in a Release 13 file, none exist in Release 12.
Any attempt to remove any of these elements in a Release 13 file immediately makes it unreadable, using my viewers.

So the question will hinge on whether Robomaster can interpret or perhaps just ignore these three elements, because they are mandatory. If it can, then we should be able to integrate everything into a single package, if not then not.

As to the C++, I can read it but it usually gives me a headache. I use C at work, but it is the old style before the (++) part. I recently downloaded the source code for dxflib 2.2.0 and took a quick look at it this morning. It has many references to handles and seeds and so on, so I will check it out some more over the next few days.