Comment 12 for bug 192923

Alvin Penner (apenner) wrote :

Hello Aaron,
 I am tempted to try to limit the scope as much as possible, partly because the full scope of the job is somewhat daunting and partly because there are other efforts such as DXFLIB already working on this in a general way.
 I guess my question is: do the cutting plotter applications actually use the spline or are they using just the line, because the line is probably not going to be affected in any way by this. Any changes that I suggested for the line were purely cosmetic, not substantive. At the worst there may be some new attributes which hopefully a device can ignore if it doesn't recognize them. Even the spline is not really affected numerically, all the numerical data are the same as before.
    Somewhat off the topic, but there is another reason for wanting to limit the scope, namely that I don't think it will ever be feasible to produce a 100% clean output completely automatically because the code currently does not interpret or use the 'transform' attribute afaik. It is necessary to manually force the removal of 'transform' before doing the output. In my opinion this is an Inkscape problem, not a dxf output problem, but it does impose a limitation on the scope of the job, no matter how we decide to implement splines.