Comment 10 for bug 192923

Aaron C Spike (acspike) wrote :

Thank you for the thorough explanation.

There have been numerous calls for improvements to the DXF output. I think what people are looking for is a generalized solution. What we have currently was made for a very specific purpose: import into the RoboMaster software used by scrapbookers to generate GSD files for their desktop cutting plotters. The purpose for the very specific label was to avoid misleading anyone that this should fulfil the role of generic DXF output. I'm a little bit anxious to make changes because it works for this specific purpose as it is.

So the question is, do we role your changes into the desktop cutting plotter output, and perhaps rename so that it is seen as a generic DXF output? (There is some benefit to having the specific label too. Scrapbooking users can see it and know "this is for me".) Or do we separate the two, leaving the old to fulfil the specific purpose and making a new more generic DXF output where people can put in the hard work of making it applicable to the greatest number of scenarios?

I think we're too late in the release cycle to put this change in now, because it could possibly have a negative effect on the scrapbook users. But let's get together on email or IRC and hash this out and get it in, in some form, after the release is branched.

Thanks for your work and research!