Inkscape: A Vector Drawing Tool

Comment 12 for bug 176058

Thanks for those Terminal ideas. I tried both, trashing Inkscape and rebuilding font cache. Nothing. I at least got the alert at starting Inkscape that it might take a while for the font cache to be built, but as I had console open, as soon as I clicked OK, Inkscape crashed and a log was written. I have not been able to see the program run at all, so I am unable to preview a font in Inkscape to see if it crashes. It never starts. In Activity Monitor I see "Inkscape (not responding)" and "Inkscape-bin"...

I decided to inspect the "Inkscape-bin" process and its open files and ports. It seemed to be stuck on a font and when I located it and deleted it, voila! Inkscape opened, finally! Even with the fonts disabled in Font Book, it was still getting stuck on it. Anyways, I think I've got it. Thanks. Go ahead and close bug if you want.