Comment 2 for bug 1726667

Patrick Storz (ede123) wrote :

Just to be sure: On the command line you used "inkscape" or "", not "inkscape.exe"? The latter won't produce any output (ever)!

As a lot of issues are caused by leftover files of previous installations (and you noted you went back and forth between different versions a bit):
Could you make sure to install Inkscape 0.92.2 into an empty directory (i.e. uninstall the previous version and delete the installation folder or install into a different folder)?

As you mentioned you suspect GIMP to have caused the issue, could you try to delete the following files (which might be overlapping between the two programs) and see if it solves the issue:
- %localappdata%\recently-used.xbel
- %localappdata%\fontconfig

Last but not least you can try a nightly version of 0.92.x and see if your issue might have been fixed: