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Whitecaps (whitecaps) wrote :

I am a Japanese, so my English may be strange. Please see it.


I'd like more better interface for Inkscape.

I updated my iTunes in my computer to 7.1 in the other day. This update
have hot feature: full-screen "Cover Flow". And it reminds me to
improvement of Inkscape interface.

Now Inkscape interface is just like X11 application. It's not bad as it.
but we have chance to make cool design for Inkscape interface if it can.

And then, I have drawn screen-shot of new design Inkscape Interface with
Inkscape itself. ---That is image which I attached to this thread. This
design is based from control of full-screen mode of VLC media Player for
Mac OS X (under GPL). I am calling this design "bitter" for convenience.

This interface is made on the assumption that be used in full-screen. And
this screen image contains new feature plan that I hope Inkscape
implements. for example, layer group or tab. Though This image is very
immature about details, I will suggest new Inkscape Interface plan with

Unfortunalety I am not developer. I am not sure that possibility of making
the new interface, because it bring major change into Inkscape. To realize
semitransparent and drop-shadow for control, we have to make the new
interface with source-code that used inside of Inkscape just like image
rendering in art-board.

I see that New Feature which be include in this image will be posted each
thread. but I wrote that in this comment for reference because that image
has them for the present.

New Feature plan that this image includes :

native port for Mac OS X
Automaticary hide-unhide control by pointing to border of screen with
layer group
drag and drop layer
layer thumbnail
stand-alone color palette(from Fill and Stroke window)
popup slidebar of status bar control
progress bar in status bar
semitransparent control
popup of icon which flow to tool bar width
2byte character support (Unicode)

Problem point of this image includes :

background of icons
border color of scroll bar
position of scroll bar
position of scroll bar in layer palette
missing value-control of alpha
no exactly layout
colorful or monochrome icons


I'm poor in English so I will not follow this feature discussion.