Comment 8 for bug 171007

Here is an updated version of the font replacer extension. It now checks in text, tspan, flowRoot and flowPara elements, and it uses the simplestyle module for correct parsing/access to style attributes. All the test cases now pass on my machine (currently using Ubuntu 10.10 alpha 3, Inkscape 0.47). (If it's broken in 0.48 I will soon see, as you say, because 0.48 is just coming out).

There are two new features, presented as tickboxes on the dialog, one allows you to replace all fonts in the document, regardless of the contents of the find box, the second allows you to list all fonts used in the document (Could be useful if there are fonts chosen on another computer, and those fonts don't exist on the current computer).

I had a comment on my blog suggesting that I allow the user to switch fonts only in selected items, which sounds like it could be very useful. I will look into doing this in the next couple of days.