Comment 2 for bug 1706728

I think this might be "by design". The English strings read:
- "Regular polygon (with one handle) instead of a star"
- "Star instead of a regular polygon (with one handle)"

I guess "regular polygon (with one handle)" was meant as an atomic entity here, so if we want to change it, we should probably start with the English translation and do something like
- "Regular polygon (with one handle) instead of a star"
- "Star (with two handles) instead of a regular polygon"

Then we might even think about dropping the unnecessary half sentence and try to describe the actual function better:
- "Regular polygon (with one handle to position corners)"
- "Star (with two handles to set position and length of points)"

Since we're in string freeze for 0.92.2 changes to the English translation are not possible at this time, so after we decide on wording we may land it in master first.