Comment 10 for bug 170347

paul sorenson (news01-metrak) wrote :

Sorry - I didn't know the changes in 0.46, I downloaded it last night but haven't compiled it yet.

What I really want, and what I thought this thread was about, was the ability to set the cursor coordinate origin to any point. For example, I am drawing a house plan and I have made all my measurements from one corner of the house, I want that point to be 0,0 for both cursor and grid/ruler - not the corner of the page. In 0.45, I can set the grid/ruler origin but the cursor origin is stuck at the corner of the page. If that functionality is provided, then my "quick fix" is unnecessary.

My quick fix (in 0.45 way of doing things) suggestion would allow me to set the position of guidelines according to ruler co-ordinates by adding another option to the guide line set position dialog for that purpose. As it is in 0.45, guideline coordinates have the origin at the lower left corner of the page.

I hope this helps clarify what I said.